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Tourism drives economic development and diversification in many regions and communities. Delivered by Canada’s regional development agencies, the Tourism Growth Program (TGP) provides $108 million in funding over three years to support small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs), not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) and communities in enhancing the tourism products and experiences that make Canada a destination of choice in any season.

The TGP complements support measures provided by other federal, provincial, and territorial programs. It contributes to the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy aimed at fostering long-term growth, stability and investment in this industry across the country.

In Quebec, the TGP has a budget of $21.1M in financial assistance. CED’s support focuses on increasing the capacity of local tourist attractions to enhance their potential to attract visitors from outside Quebec by supporting the development of tourism products and experiences, in particular in rural and remote regions.

Indigenous clients

Indigenous tourism is vital to the development and growth of the tourism industry in Canada and is a priority under the TGP. Approximately 15% of TGP funding is dedicated to Indigenous tourism initiatives.

Eligible clients

Eligible clients may include:

  • SMEs, NPOs and social economy businesses active in the tourism industry
  • Indigenous-owned businesses (including sole proprietors, band councils, and Nunavik municipalities) or Indigenous tourism organization

* Are you an SME or NPO in an economically vulnerable RCM or in Montréal’s East End? Your project may be eligible for flexible program conditions.

Ineligible clients

  • Major festivals and events that already attract clients from outside Quebec are ineligible.
  • Businesses and organizations that do not focus mainly on the tourism industry or whose services are not mainly for public use or benefit are not normally eligible. This includes those in the following sectors of activity:
    • Restaurants or food services
    • Hotel chains
    • Retail sector
    • Travel agencies

Eligible activities

Eligible projects must provide added value to existing activities in the tourism industry and focus on business and economic growth. In Quebec, the TGP aims to increase the capacity of local attractions to enhance their ability, over time, to attract visitors from outside Quebec. To do this, priority is given to projects that:

  • increase tourism spin-offs in communities by drawing visitors more to the regions, including rural communities;
  • support the Indigenous tourism industry, meaning projects that directly involve Indigenous communities and that leverage Indigenous culture, heritage, know‑how and traditions as principal tourist attractions;
  • foster the development of a sustainable tourism experience, meaning an experience that takes into account current and future economic, social and environmental impacts while meeting the needs of visitors, professionals, the environment, and host communities;
  • make it possible to develop or enhance active tourism experiences, meaning outdoor, nature and adventure activities such as rock climbing, cycling, hiking, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and nautical and water sports;
  • extend the tourism season, meaning projects aimed at showcasing products, services, or experiences that could increase tourist activity beyond the traditional peak season or extend services throughout the year.

Additional prioritization criteria

  • Projects that demonstrate the greatest impact on the development of tourism in the region.
  • Projects that are ready to be implemented.
  • Projects with promoters that demonstrate that other stakeholders are involved financially.
  • Projects located in urban tourism centres if they aim to attract tourists to regions or portions of territories that are devitalized or have little to no tourist traffic OR if they demonstrate direct impacts on neighbouring regions (e.g., new tourism circuits). These projects must demonstrate they will make it possible, over time, to enhance the ability of these regions or portions of territories to attract visitors from outside Quebec, as a direct result of the proposed project.

Note: Apart from the quality of your application, CED reserves the right to base its funding decisions on the geographic scope, representation, and diversity of the projects it funds.

Targeted results

Your project must help strengthen Quebec’s tourism industry, meaning:

  • to create, enhance, or diversity the regional tourism offering;
  • to increase regional capacity to attract tourists from outside Quebec;
  • to create or maintain jobs.

Financial assistance

Financial contributions normally range from over $60,000 to $250,000. Their actual amount is based on the minimum amount required to implement the project.

For SMEs

  • Contributions are generally repayable.

For NPOs

  • Contributions are generally non-repayable.

Submitting a project

The program will end on March 31, 2026. Projects that are supported must be completed by this date.

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