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Business Information Services

Tailored referrals and market data for future entrepreneurs and small businesses

Are you looking for information on your market or to be directed to funding programs and resources that will meet your business needs? CED can help you.

In addition to supporting promising projects by SMEs that generate long-term economic spinoffs, CED provides the following two information services specifically targeting small businesses and future entrepreneurs:

 Referral service

For guidance on funding programs, resources, and information on pre start-up, start-up and support for businesses, based on your needs and stage of development.

For example:

  • Information on business plans, legal structures to found a business, regulations, permits and licences
  • Information on funding programs and sources
  • Introductions to partners able to guide you on your development strategy

 Market information service

Business trends in your sector of activity

For example:

  • Business lists and profiles (to target clients, suppliers, or potential competitors, etc.)
  • Market data(consumption statistics, financial performance indicators for a sector of activity, sales volume, market size, etc.)
  • Market trends and evolution (trends in a sector, competitive landscape, main players and their market share, etc.)

Who can use these servicesNote de bas de page * ?

Note de bas de page * : Consultants and for-profit entities working on behalf of a client wishing to submit a service request are invited to ask their clients to submit their request directly to us.

How to proceed with a request?

Please fill out the referral service and/or market information service.

Fill the request form


For any questions on our services or a particular funding program, contact us.

What are the service standards?

Response times may vary depending on the nature and complexity of your request. We invite you to consult our service standards.

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