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Find out the rules for using CED logos in projects for which you have obtained funding.

Federal Visibility Guidelines for CED Funding Recipients

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) is committed to providing transparent information to Canadians about expenditures for its programs and services.

Presentation of federal identifiers

There are two general options for acknowledging Government of Canada contributions: the CED departmental signature and the Canada wordmark.

Rules for identifier use

Project signage and Websites

When a project is funded solely through CED, the support should be acknowledged using the CED departmental signature. The CED signature on a Website should be hyperlinked to the CED site:

Use with other logos

When the Government of Canada is one of several contributors to a project, the identifiers of all contributors shall be visually balanced.

Presence of more than one federal department is involved

When CED is not the only federal department to have contributed to a project, the Canada wordmark shall be used to represent all the departments.

When other levels of government are involved

When several levels of government have contributed to a project, CED may use the Canada wordmark if the other governments use their equivalent signatures, such as the Quebec government’s Quebec flag logo. CED may use its departmental signature if the other governments are represented by the logo of a specific department or agency.

In case of marketing outside Canada

When promotional material is aimed at clientele outside Canada, the Canada wordmark shall be used.

Promotional materials

Materials to communicate or promote projects or initiatives undertaken by contribution or grant recipients or CED partners are required to acknowledge the support from CED through the use of graphic identifiers. These materials include such products as printed reports, posters, news releases, displays, and paid advertisements.
When federal identifiers are used, they are to be accompanied by an acknowledgement line so it is clearly understood that the materials are not produced by the Government of Canada. The wording of the acknowledgement line may be determined with a Communications Advisor at CED.

Proposed wording

“The activities of (name of organization) are made possible through the financial support of Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.”
“Our activities are made possible through Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.”
“This initiative is made possible through the financial support of Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.”
Please note that Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions may be replaced by the CED logo in each of the proposed wording samples.

Promotional materials specific to enterprises and organizations receiving funding

Materials produced as part of day-to-day operations should not make reference to the federal government and are not required to incorporate graphic identifiers. Such materials include letterhead and envelopes, business cards, or advertising related to staff recruitment or a tendering process.

Official languages

In the case of materials or texts that are in French or are bilingual, the French CED departmental signature is to be used:

In the case of materials in English only, the English CED departmental signature is to be used:

The signature always comprises both languages, and in no case may it be cut or used with a single language.


In view of the diversity of the situations where federal government graphic identifiers may be applied, we invite funding recipients and partners to get in touch directly with a communications advisor at CED in order to obtain advice on a case-by-case basis. In addition, all proofs must be approved by a communications advisor before they are printed or distributed. To obtain the contact information of the Communications Advisor assigned to your file, please contact your business advisor.


Funding recipients must have any proofs containing the CED signature or the Canada wordmark approved by a CED Communications Advisor prior to printing or final distribution. Please allow 72 hours (business days) for obtaining approval following a request concerning the application of visibility rules.

Downloading federal graphic identifiers

CED corporate signature – French first – in colour


CED corporate signature – French first – black and white

CED corporate signature – English first – colour


CED corporate signature – English first – black and white



Canada wordmark

In colour


In black and white




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