Service standards and results

Service standards

We are committed to providing quality service:

Our results

We will evaluate our performance and we are committed to presenting the results obtained for all our programs. Our results are:

Results: Financial assistance programs

Average processing time QEDP and REGI

(calendar days)

(average in days) for 90% of cases



Acknowledgement of receipt online

2 days

Automated answer

Automated answer

Acknowledgement of receipt:
funding application

5 days

3 days

1 day

Acknowledgement of receipt:
funding application requesting additional information

10 days

4 days

4 days

Funding application decision

From 35 to 65 days 1

56 days

59 days

Processing of a claim

Under 25 days

15 days

12 days

Average processing time CFP

Processing of a claim

Under 25 days

9 days

14 days

1 Incomplete application: missing information can be submitted within a period of up to 45 days, failing which the file will be closed.

Meeting your needs

If you have reason to believe that we have failed to meet our commitment to provide quality service, please contact the business office that serves your administrative region. You can also complete the online satisfaction survey.

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