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Defense and Aerospace

By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Business opportunities in the defence and aerospace markets

You represent an enterprise, university or research and development facility operating in the following industries:

  • Defence
  • Security
  • Aerospace
  • Tansportation equipment
  • Marine
  • Optics/photonics
  • Information technology
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Advanced equipment

With its wide network of federal, provincial and industrial partners, CED can help you identify business opportunities and develop your markets in the defence industry by:

  • Informing you about major Crown projects and business opportunities
  • Organizing regional tours, industry days, trade missions or targeted meetings with bidding companies
  • Taking part in international trade shows in the aerospace, marine and defence sectors to promote Quebec’s capabilities and attract contractors
  • Demonstrating industrial capabilities in preparing calls for tenders and value propositions stemming from the ITB Policy
Examples of business opportunities
  • Supply of parts or components, from design to assembly and final installation (where applicable)
  • Technology transfer or investment by a bidding company that has been awarded a contract to which the ITB Policy applies
  • Integration into a contractor’s global supply chain, which can include research, design and production activities
  • Creation of a consortium composed of a prime contractor, a Quebec business and a qualified research facility

Quebec companies directory registration

CED has a directory of Quebec companies with the potential to break into the defence market. It is used to address requests from large bidding companies when they are seeking potential suppliers for meeting their ITB obligations. Apply for registration by email to

Calendar of Events

Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) is responsible for implementing in Quebec the Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) Policy, administered by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. This policy stems from the Defence procurement strategy (DPS). It applies to most major Crown projects for procuring equipment and services for the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Coast Guard (valued at $100 million or more).

The ITB Policy ensures that Government of Canada procurements generate high value-added business for Canadian industry. Thus, companies that enter into defence procurement contracts are required to undertake business activities in Canada with a value equal to that of the contract (i.e. 100% of the value of the contract). Therefore, the extent of those benefits is considered when assessing the bids received further to a call for proposals launched by the Government of Canada.

In the context of the DPS, bidders will have to use the Value Proposition Guide to submit a value proposition that:

To that end, CED promotes the capabilities of Quebec businesses to large companies that are interested in bidding on or have been awarded a contract for a major Crown project.

Intervention strategy 2021

Profile of the situation
Priorities for action 2021
  1. Enterprises supported by CED are innovative and growing.
  2. ITBs are a means of supporting the innovation agenda by encouraging business expansion, innovation and exports.

    • Organizing awareness and training events for ITBs in Quebec (inter alia, the Biannual Symposium on Defence and Security).
    • Collaborating in the development of a defence-security portal for SMEs interested in this market.
    • Encouraging and promoting the participation of collaborative research consortiums in technological sectors relating to defense and security.
    • Developing analyses related to the defence market and ITBs in order to map Quebec’s industrial and research capabilities.
    • Supporting high growth firms that could establish partnerships with foreign prime contractors.

  3. Enterprises and regions supported by CED participate in an economy geared to clean growth.
    • Promote the capabilities of Quebec businesses in the development of clean energy and facilitate networking with foreign prime contractors.

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