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Cyber security: protecting your organization’s future

Cyber attacks on Canadian businesses are on the rise: in 2022, 45% of SMEs fell victim to a cyberattack1.  Attacks can target any organization, regardless of its size or line of business. In an increasingly technology-dependent economy, cyber security has become a key factor in an organization’s success and sustainability.

Find out how CED can help you better address this growing challenge.

Ensuring the security of your data and expertise

Cyber attacks can pose a major risk to your reputation, business continuity and bottom line. Being well protected will help you:

  • maintain your business’s productivity and continue to grow;
  • preserve the relationship of trust with your staff and clients;
  • strengthen your competitiveness by protecting information relating to your operations, know-how, trade secrets and intellectual property; and
  • become a potential supplier for major contractors, more and more of which are requiring cyber security certification to mitigate the risks in their supply chain.

Educating your staff—key to preventing attacks

Educating and training all staff members so they develop effective cyber security reflexes remains one of the best ways of preventing the consequences of a cyber attack.

Since 95% of them are caused by human error2, cyber attacks can be prevented by heightened staff awareness and clearer governance rules. 

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security is the single unified source of expert advice, guidance, services and support on cyber security.

Putting cyber security measures in place with CED’s help

When you reach out for assistance, we’ll ask you about your organization’s level of cyber-security readiness. This is an opportunity for us to stress the importance of being properly protected against cyber attacks. We can also guide you towards appropriate resources, or assist you—as part of your project—with the implementation of your cyber security strategy when implementing new technologies.

Data collected by CED will be used for statistical purposes to improve the delivery of programs and services for our clients.

To find out how CED can help you, contact the business office for your region.

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