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ProgramQuebec Economic Development Program (QEDP)

Financial assistance enabled: the improvement of an innovative technology and its marketing.

From gasoline to electricity!

The fight against global warming is largely dependent on the phased replacement of gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles.  However, in 2015, only a tiny proportion of all cars sold around the world (approximately 1 in 200) ran on electricity.

For this number to increase, drivers will have to be able to charge their vehicles as easily as they currently fill their gas tanks.  This is the objective of AddÉnergie, an original equipment manufacturer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, whose commercialization efforts are being supported by Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED).

In top position

Louis Tremblay, AddÉnergie Co-founder, plugs in an electric car.

Co-founded in 2009 by Louis Tremblay, a young Engineering graduate from Université Laval, AddÉnergie has expanded its workforce from 25 to 60 employees in the past two years.

AddÉnergie develops and manufactures the products and software required to operate FLO, its own vehicle charging network, which has over 2,500 stations in Canada. In February 2016, the Québec City business was also awarded its third consecutive contract for the supply and maintenance of charging solutions rolled out by Hydro-Québec, the Electric Circuit, a Quebec network of over 750 charging stations that is expected to triple in size in the next four years.

“CED’s assistance has helped us implement our expansion plans across Canada, especially in Ontario,” stated Louis Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer of AddÉnergie. “Thanks to CED, we were able to open a sales and service office in Toronto, hire employees and enhance our presence in that market.”

Developing driver loyalty

AddÉnergie understands that strong demand for electric vehicles depends largely on its ability to provide high-performance, friendly service for drivers who use the charging stations and for intermediaries such as merchants, municipalities and building owners who equip their premises with the infrastructure.

“The various charging stations we manufacture at our Shawinigan plant are intelligent,” said Mr. Tremblay. “We can monitor their condition remotely and update them as needed. They are equipped with an energy management interface to minimize billable power.” AddÉnergie is also developing mobile applications to help drivers find the nearest charging station on a map and to start charging remotely once the car is plugged in.

“By continuing to improve the customer experience and effectively communicating the benefits of our solutions, we will develop driver loyalty in Canada and, soon, in the United States” concluded Mr. Tremblay.
“The additional resources we have been able to mobilize in sales and marketing through CED’s support have helped us seize a growing number of business opportunities across Canada,” stated AddÉnergie’s Chief Executive Officer.

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