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Major festivals and events are key levers of economic activity in communities across the country. They attract international tourists, position Canada and its regions as destinations of choice, encourage investment in Canadian tourism assets and create jobs.

The Major Festivals and Events Support Initiative supports major Canadian festivals and events that have been hit hard by the economic impacts of COVID-19 to adapt and enhance their activities as the economy recovers. With a national budget of $200 million over three years, the Initiative will ensure continued operations and maintain local jobs in surrounding communities.

This initiative complements the $200-million investment that will be delivered by Canadian Heritage, to support local festivals and community cultural events, outdoor theatre performances, heritage celebrations, local museums, amateur sport events and more.

Eligible festivals and events

Major, recurring festivals and events with annual revenues exceeding $10 million.

Ineligible festivals and events

Examples of activities that cannot be supported:

  • One-time or new events or festivals
  • Business events such as conferences
  • Celebrations related to holidays (e.g., Canada Day, New Year’s Day)

Eligible activities

  • Liquidity needs to ensure continued operations or adapt activities to new, pandemic-related realities and requirements
  • Enhanced product and experience offering so that they can better position themselves to move into the new economy, in compliance with current health standards as defined by the relevant public authorities.

Types of financial assistance

  • Contributions to not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) are generally non-repayable.
  • Contributions to for-profit organizations are generally repayable.

COVID safety

The safety and security of Canadians remains this government’s top priority. In order to qualify for the fund, organizations must commit to respecting important safety guidelines when open.

The application period for this initiative is now closed.

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