Federal Strategy on Innovation and Growth for the Quebec Regions

The Federal Strategy on Innovation and Growth for the Quebec Regions is a collaborative economic development approach within the Government of Canada. Launched in 2018, it aims to support innovation and entrepreneurial drive through concrete actions aligned with shared priorities for action.

CED is leading the development of this Federal Strategy in Quebec. We are working closely with the other federal stakeholders to identify initiatives and actions that will contribute to the Strategy’s objectives as they develop or materialize.


The Strategy combines the Government of Canada’s directions with needs expressed on the ground. A number of targeted actions that are central to the Strategy were identified during the consultations with economic development players.

The Strategy has identified four priorities and 14 targeted actions to drive innovation and inclusive growth for all Quebec regions:

Innovation and Clean Tech Growth and Exports
  • Support regional clusters, incubators and accelerators
  • Support development and adoption of ground-breaking clean technologies
  • Support disruptive technologies and their adoption
  • Support digitalization and automation of businesses
  • Increase the number of exporters, export revenues and access to markets
  • Enhance knowledge of large contracts and facilitate entry into value chains
  • Attract international investments through a favourable business environment
Entrepreneuriat et talent Croissance pour tous dans toutes les régions
  • Promote and attract qualified entrepreneurs
  • Develop skills and talents to foster clean tech and digital skills in businesses
  • Promote skills development among underrepresented groups of entrepreneurs
  • Enhance regional assets through innovation and competitiveness
  • Support local entrepreneurship and social economy in rural and remote regions
  • Promote investments in regions renewable resources
  • Foster inclusive business transfer

CED will continue to support businesses and the regions with its regular programs across Quebec. The Strategy is providing us with directions so that we can more effectively target certain types of projects and maximize their impact on the long-term development of Quebec regions.
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