CED Overview from the 2023-24 Departmental Plan

Our priorities for 2023-2024 

Support the post-pandemic recovery of businesses and regions

Accelerate the green transition among businesses and regions

Overview of planned investments in priority areas for CED

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Our targeted results

Our businesses are innovative and growing

Stimulate innovation, productivity, and the inclusive, sustainable growth of businesses.

  • Adopt and develop cleaner technologies and solutions (such as improved environmental performance, less energy-intensive technologies, and the greening of operations)
  • Integrate new technologies (such as robotization and digitization)
  • Enhance competitiveness on international markets
  • Support business incubators and accelerators
  • Promote the capabilities of SMEs and research centres among major prime contractors

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Our regions have diversified economies

Help regions better position themselves and seize development opportunities in a more inclusive, sustainable, competitive economy.

  • Attract local and international tourists (including through festivals, events, and new tourist attractions)
  • Invest in local and community facilities and infrastructure
  • Increase the participation of rural communities and under-represented groups in the economy (including women, youth, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and racialized groups)

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Our businesses market their innovations

Help businesses invest to develop and market innovative technologies and greener products.

  • Integrate into new value chains
  • Access new national and international markets
  • Access public markets and industrial and technological benefits
  • Adopt, develop, and market quantum technologies and products based on them (informatics, communications and cybersecurity, detection, imaging, and development of innovative materials)
  • Develop and market new technologies and new products that are cleaner (bioproducts, bioenergy, energy efficiency)

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