CED Highlights from the 2021-2022 Departmental Results Report

Guiding Quebec’s SMEs and regions into a more innovative, stronger, cleaner, and inclusive economy

$391.1M invested in 1486 projects in Quebec with the potential to generate investments totalling $4.6B

Our priorities

Helping businesses and regions move beyond the crisis

$123.5M invested in 536 projects

Helping businesses grow and remain competitive

$161.8M invested in 584 projects

Helping regions diversify their economies

$105.8M invested in 366 projects

Our results

Our businesses are innovative and growing

To help businesses become more inclusive, more innovative and grow sustainably, CED has guided them towards new ways of doing things and in their efforts to reinvent themselves.

 Photo credit: Sylviane Robini .
Photo credit: Sylviane Robini.

CED granted $1.2M in financial assistance to LOOP Mission, a start-up in the circular economy led and co-founded by a woman entrepreneur. The support will make it possible to purchase digital equipment to increase the business’s production capacity and productivity.

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Our regions are economically diverse

To help regions seize development and diversification opportunities and recover from the pandemic, CED has adapted its services to their needs and assists the organizations that support them.

 Photo credit: Société Récréo-Touristique de Desbiens Inc.
Photo credit: Société Récréo-Touristique de Desbiens Inc.

CED granted $985,000 in financial assistance to the Société récréotouristique de Desbiens, an NPO that owns the Trou de la Fée cave tourism site, located in the Rivière Métabetchouan gorges. The support will make it possible to add aerial walkways, a suspension bridge, and other facilities to enhance the visitor experience and strengthen the site’s drawing power.

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Our businesses market their innovations

To help businesses invest in the sustainable development and marketing of innovative technologies, CED has supported them in their projects.

 Photo credit: Inteloom.
Photo credit: Inteloom.

CED granted $200,000 in financial assistance to Inteloom, a Gatineau business specializing in the design of an object-oriented management tool. The support will enable the business to market an innovative software solution.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion: Levers to boost growth among Quebec’s businesses and regions

To foster inclusive prosperity and equal opportunities for all, CED promotes the full participation of under-represented groups and takes them into account when developing its policies and programs.

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CED: An organization always striving for improvement

CED has pursued its work to innovate in how it operates and offers its services, and in its efforts to create a healthy, stimulating, and attractive workplace.

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